Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break

Our spring break was very relaxing to say the least! The Monday after Easter Stephen and I decided to head to the lake to do some maintanance on the boat and get it all ready for summer. We had satellite radio installed and got it all washed and ready to go. We went out on the lake for a few hours and enjoyed a little bit of sunshine! The water was only 55 degrees, so we just kind of floated around. I was brave enough to get in once, for about 10 seconds, but I quickly realized that that was a bad idea! I thought I was going to die of hypothermia!!!

We stayed at Sams Town off the strip in Vegas and were fortunate enough to be upgraded to the penthouse suite! It cost us less than $100 for both nights and we got to stay in a sweet room with 2 flat screen plasma TV's, a jacuzzi, a seperate living, dining, and was amazing!We also went to Disneyland, and then Stephen got sick so he played a lot of video games and I finally finished our wedding scrapbook (almost three years later). Now it is back to work (for me at least) for 11 more weeks!


The Book of Renee and Ryan said...

Sounds like you had a great spring break! I am jealous that you are already working on your tan and you went to Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great Spring Break!!! We need to do a Disneyland trip would be a blast!


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