Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18 weeks

* How far along?: 18 weeks
* Total weight gain: +5 pounds
* How big is baby?: The size of a mango. 1/2 pound
* Maternity clothes?: Just my maternity pants, I am still wearing mostly regular shirts, but I did buy some cute dresses too for conferences.
* Stretch marks?: None yet. I am making sure I lotion my belly every day!
* Sleep?: Normal for now
* Best moment this week?: Finding out the baby is a boy!!
* Movement?: Only after I eat
* Food cravings?: None really.
* Labor signs?: n/a
* Belly button in or out?: Still in, but I have noticed it is not as deep as it used to be.
*Sex? It's a BOY!!!!
* What I miss:nothing really, I am just ready for fun things to start happening.
* What I'm looking forward to: Putting new carpet in the "nursery"
* Milestone: surviving my cold.



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