Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our 1st Tent Adventure

In early September we took our first family trip in the tent at Doheny State Beach.  The first night was tough, but I think the kids got so worn out as the trip went on, that they slept better and better each night.  We had a group of 4 campsites so the kids had a great time running between them all!



We checked in on Monday afternoon and the weather was very hot and muggy.  We woke up on Tuesday, excited to spend the day at the beach, but the weather was not what we were expecting.  It was overcast, cold, and drizzly.  We toughed it out at the beach for awhile anyways, but we were all cold and wet almost immediately.  We let the kids run around camp and the boys took a trip to sport chalet to rent some paddle boards.


Wednesday, our weather was much nicer.  We spent time at the beach, went paddle boarding, boogie boarding, BBQed lunch and the boys went fishing.  We even had a nice campfire once it got dark.


Thursday we had to pack up and go home, but we got a little beach time in first.  We had a great time and are hoping to make this an annual trip!




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