Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maui Part 1

We have been planning our trip to Maui since the day before Seth was born. Our dear friends Danny and Jennifer were planning their wedding and there is no way in the world we would miss it. We booked everything in May and waited anxiously for September to arrive. For the first time in my life, I was nervous to fly. I don't mind flying, but the thought of flying with an almost 5 month old, freaked me out. Much to my surprise, Seth was a perfect angel on the flight. He didn't make a single peep. We lucked out and had an extra seat in our row so we were able to give him more space to move around and play with his toys.

Once we landed we gathered all of our luggage and picked up our rental. I am sure we were quite a sight trekking through the airport with our 3 bags, stroller, car seat, and scuba gear. No matter what, we managed to get everything in the car and got the condo. Our condo was AMAZING! We were on the ground floor so we could walk right out our door onto the lawn, and the beach.

We spend our first few days relaxing and enjoying some of our favorite places on the island. Seth got to experience his very first trip to the beach in Ka'anapali. He loved the ocean and didn't seem to mind the sand either.

As much as he loved the beach, I think his favorite thing to do was just relax in the condo.


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